Between Paradise and the Pit
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Debut novel by E.W. Norwood
Genre: Christian Fantasy

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What could be worse than death?

If you had until the next full moon to correct the mistakes of your life, could you do it?

Arnold Gantt is an affluent, well-dressed IT manager who has lived a self-centered life valuing all the wrong things. On the dreaded day of May 20, Arnold dies and plummets into the Pit, the horrific realm of torment and flames.

When Danny, his angelic caseworker, saves Arnold from the Pit, he unknowingly travels back in time thirty days before his death. With only one month before his looming death date, he must spend every day attempting the nearly impossible task of redemption or else suffer for eternity in constant torture and agony.

Infuriated by Arnold’s escape, the diabolical caretaker of the Pit dispatches a team of adversaries to destroy Arnold’s chances of success. Will they succeed?

Make things right before time runs out.

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About E.W. Norwood

Elvin W. Norwood began his career as an Internet Network Engineer in the beautiful city of Cary, North Carolina. Since then, he has worked in the Information Technology space as a business analyst, business technology integration consultant (whatever that is), webpage design teacher, and a computer programmer. He also owns a printing company that he operates from his home.

E.W. considers writing his first love, and he is now promoting his debut novel, which he hopes you will enjoy. He remembers the stories he wrote in Junior High School and still has the folders and notebooks written in sloppy cursive handwriting. He has rekindled his passion for writing in his adult life and strives daily to improve his craft.

He now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, middle school daughter, Jaeda (Best Dog Ever), and college-age daughter when she comes home from school. E.W. enjoys photography, audio books, and the Charlotte Hornets.

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